Chromebook internal storage explained

Chromebook internal storage


Chromebook storage explained – Internal storage

The Chromebook is different than traditional computers when it comes to storage. One of the first things you will recognise is a Chromebook does not come with much internal storage. Traditional computers are coming with larger storage than ever, and it isn’t unusual to see a Windows-based PC with over one Terabyte (1TB) of hard disk space.

So why is Chromebook storage different?

The Chromebook was designed with the future in mind. When Google first released the Chromebook people struggled with the concept of having such low storage space. However, since then technology has improved, and more importantly, how we access the internet has improved.

The Chromebook relies on you having access to the internet at most times. This is why the Chromebook has been designed with cloud storage in mind, and internal storage is not seen as being an important factor.

Chromebook storage – The internal Hard Disk

All Chromebooks come with an internal hard disk (HD), and this is where you store information you download from the internet. Unlike a more traditional based PC that uses a spinning hard disk, the Chromebook uses a Solid State Drive (SSD) hard disk.

A traditional hard disk using spinning parts can store much more data than a solid state drive, but they are also much louder, as you can hear the hard disk spinning when it’s being used. Also, a hard disk that uses spinning parts is much more likely to get damaged if you take your laptop out and about.

Chromebooks using a solid-state drive is a good thing, as it means you can keep your data more secure, and you are less likely to damage your Chromebook if you accidentally knock it on the move. It also means the Chromebook is much quieter, as there are no spinning parts.

Another great benefit of a solid state drive is that they are much faster at reading and writing data. This is because all the data is stored on chips, which you can access much quicker than a hard disk that has mechanical moving parts to access the data.

Chromebook storage – typical hard disk size

A Chromebook comes with around 16GB to 64GB solid-state drives. However, most of them are currently between 16GB to 32GB. This doesn’t sound like much storage, but when you consider you don’t install programs on a Chromebook, this still provides enough space to save many documents from the internet on your Chromebook.

Chromebook storage – is having a small hard disk an issue?

Having such a small hard disk is not generally an issue when using a Chromebook. The Chromebook does not install any programs onto the hard disk, so this alone saves plenty of space, which you would have otherwise needed.

The space you get with a Chromebook is enough to download many documents from the internet. You even get enough space to download a couple of movies onto a Chromebook and still have space leftover.

Because the Chromebook works seamlessly with Google Drive, you don’t need to worry about your internal storage space. Using a Chromebook and saving in the cloud is easy on a Chromebook.