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UK Web Hosting Provider Host Presto


Host Presto is a UK based web hosting and domain registration provider. Launched in 2001 under the brand Dream Hosting; they have become one of the most reputable website hosting and domain registration providers in the UK.

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The birth of Host Presto is very similar to other technology companies such as Apple and HP, as the company was launched from a bed room in 2001. The primary objectives Host Presto had when launching, which they still stand by today, is to offer forward thinking technology with great customer service to match.

Although Host Presto is a UK based web hosting provider they initially sold web hosting packages that sat on servers in the USA. Over the years due to their popularity and ever expanding customer base they took the decision to migrate their customers from servers in the USA to their very own data-centre in the UK in 2007. In 2010 Host Presto moved their web hosting to the cloud, which brought with it advanced performance and reliability for its users.

Domain Name Registration

Host Presto offers the most popular top level domain (TLD) extensions available, and they do this at very competitive prices. It’s important to remember that registering domain names in the UK is usually more expensive than registering a domain name in the USA. This is even more so when you are looking at registering a .com. However, if you’re based in the UK then we would suggest always registering your domain name and web hosting in the UK. The only time we would consider buying web hosting in another country, is if you are expecting most of your visitors to come from that country.

They offer .com at £12.00 per year, and co.uk at £7.00 per year, but they also have many other domain extensions that you can choose from. They also offer Whois privacy for your domain at an extra charge of £6.00 per year. Whois privacy means your personal information such as your name and address are not listed on the register, and is usually listed under the domain registration provider you buy the domain name from. This can be useful if you don’t want anyone to know the website belongs to yourself, and it can also stop you receiving spam emails.

The good thing about registering a domain name with Host Presto is the price you pay for renewing the domain is the same. This can sometimes be overlooked with web hosting providers who offer a domain at a cheaper price initially. So this means you get no nasty shocks when it comes to extending your domain name.

Host Presto allow you to transfer any domain names you’ve purchased from them to any other provider. This means you don’t need to worry about any issues occurring, should you wish to transfer your domain name to another web hosting provider at a later date.

Host Presto make it easy to point your domain name at servers elsewhere. So if you decide to purchase a domain name from Host Presto, but already have hosting space with another website hosting provider; pointing your newly purchased domain name to your existing web space is easily done.

Website Hosting

Host Presto offers a range of web hosting packages to suit a wide range of users, and prices start at just £3.50, which includes VAT. Host Presto guarantee uptime of 99.9%, which basically means their servers will be up and running for any potential visitors to your site 99.9% of the time. They can provide such a great reliable service as the web hosting provided uses the latest in cloud hosting technology.

It isn’t necessary to purchase your domain name from Host Presto to use their web hosting packages. So if you prefer to buy a domain name from another web hosting provider, or you have already purchased a domain name elsewhere; you don’t need to worry because Host Presto have made it easy to point your current domain to their servers.

If you already have your web hosting with another provider, and you’re interested in moving your website to Host Presto; this will be done free of charge providing your current provider uses cPanel. If they don’t use cPanel your current website can still be transferred to Host Presto but a small charge will apply. If you’d be interested in this, then you should discuss this with Host Presto before you purchase any web hosting to ensure you’re happy with how it works, and any potential costs involved.

The Hosting packages currently available at Host Presto

Starter Hosting Package

The Starter hosting package is ideal for anyone who is new to web design, where you are considering launching your first website. However, the Starter package does allow you to host two websites, which is great value when you consider you’re only paying £3.50 including VAT.

The Starter hosting package comes with 1GB disk space, which is the space where you will store all of your website files; such as pictures and videos. The Starter package, as with all of the Host Presto hosting packages, come with unlimited email accounts, which means you can setup as many email accounts as you like for your new domain. This is ideal if you would prefer to have different emails for different areas of your website, or where you have more than one person working on the website, and you need a separate email address for each person.

The starter package also includes two MySQL databases, which is needed if you decide to host two websites. A MySQL database is required if you are intending to create your website with a Content Management System (CMS) such as Wordpress or Joomla. It’s unlikely you’d be creating a website with any other type of platform, so it’s important to remember, the amount of MySQL databases available with your hosting package, will determine how many websites you can create using a CMS.

All Host Presto hosting packages come with unlimited bandwidth, which is important if you are expecting a high amount of traffic to your website. Any time someone visits your website bandwidth is used, so you should try and avoid any hosting packages that limit your bandwidth, as this can be extremely costly.

Starter + Hosting Package

The Starter + Hosting package provides all of the above, but you can host up to three websites. This means you also get three MySQL databases should you wish to create your websites with a CMS such as Wordpress or Joomla. This package also comes with an extra GB of disk space giving you 2GB in total. This is necessary if you’re considering hosting three websites, and you’ll be looking at providing a content rich website with plenty of High Resolution pictures. The Starter + hosting package is currently £4.00 per month including VAT.

Business Hosting Package

If you’re looking to host more than three websites then you may want to consider the Business hosting plan that Host Presto provides. This plan costs £7.00 per month including VAT, and allows you to host six websites, and this comes with 6 MySQL databases. The business hosting package also allows you to register one domain name free of charge, which is a good saving if you haven’t purchased your domain name already.

The Business hosting package and the hosting packages discussed later also include a faster CPU, and twice the amount of memory. This is referring to the server that will host your website. This means your website should get a faster response time for any visitors. The business hosting package also comes with 5GB of disk space compared to the 2GB the Starter + hosting plan provides.

Business + Hosting Package

Again, with the Business + hosting package you can also register a domain name free of charge. This hosting package allows you to host up to ten separate websites, with ten separate MySQL databases, and also comes with 10GB of disk space. This package costs £9.50 including VAT, which is excellent value when you consider you can host up to ten separate web sites with this website hosting package.

Pro Hosting Package

As with the Business + and Business packages this package allows you to register a domain name free of charge. It also comes with 15GB of disk space, but allows you to host unlimited websites and comes with unlimited MySQL databases. The CPU on this package offers 4 x CPU and 4 x memory, which means the server operates at lightning fast speeds, and can handle more requests.

I wouldn’t normally be a fan of a hosting company offering unlimited websites, as this is simply not possible at a set price. However, Host Presto do limit your use by the amount of disk space you have available, which is 15GB with this hosting package. This is extremely important because if Host Presto also offered unlimited disk space, then you would have the right to be concerned. However, as they do limit the disk space, but no the amount of websites and MySQL databases, shows they are not offering a service that is simply impossible to manage without sacrificing the service they offer.

Pro + Hosting Package

This hosting package as you would expect allows a free registration of a domain name. It also allows you to host an unlimited amount of websites, and also comes with unlimited MySQL databases. Again the server offers 4 x CPU and 4 X memory. The main difference between the Pro hosting package and the Pro + hosting package is the disk space. The Pro + hosting package provides 25GB of disk space.


All of the hosting packages provided by Host Presto come with one-click installs. This means once you’ve purchased your hosting package you can easily install a CMS such as Wordpress or Joomla at a click of a button. If you’ve never used a CMS before, and you’re new to how web hosting works this can be a great benefit. We would highly recommend using one-click installs if you’re looking at creating your website with a CMS. To install a CMS manually, isn’t necessarily difficult, but you do need to have an understanding of FTP to install a CMS manually. You would also need to know how to set-up a MySQL database. Using a one-click install does all this for you.

However, although we highly recommend using a one-click install if this is your first attempt at creating a website using a CMS, does not mean it’s suitable for everyone. If for example, you’re looking at importing a third party template, and this template has a number of modules, then you may not want to install a CMS using a one-click install. This is even more important if you’re considering using Joomla, as the Joomla CMS is far more complexed compared to Wordpress. The complexity of Joomla over Wordpress means you get much more control, but this control comes with more complexity. So you need to be aware that manually installing modules can be extremely time consuming, and if you make any errors along the way it can be extremely difficult to pin-point these errors at a later date. By using a one-click install stops you importing a third party template and the modules using FTP, which is a much simpler process than installing modules manually.

All web hosting with Host Presto comes with email, and you can choose from POP3 or IMAP. IMAP is necessary if you’re looking to use email on a mobile device, as it ensures your emails sync. You can also access emails via webmail, which you can access from your web hosting control panel, or you may want to use email with third party email software such as Microsoft Outlook. The email functionality provided with your hosting package allows you to do all of this.

Backup and Security

All of the hosting packages provided by Host Presto come with daily backups, and the enterprise grade backup system they use keeps your data safe. The backup allows you to restore single files, folders or your entire account, and this is easily done from your web hosting control panel.

A great thing about the backup system provided by Host Presto is it will allow you to go back up to three months, so if you don’t realise a problem has occurred straight away, and you need to get a restore going back a couple of months to fix a problem; this can be easily done from your control panel.

When using Content Management Systems it isn’t enough to make a backup of the files on your web hosting space. This is a mistake many people make, they download all the files from their web space thinking this means they are safe should anything happen to their website. However, having your files backed up without backing up your MySQL databases is pointless. If you’re using a CMS such as Wordpress you must ensure you backup your files and your MySQL database that is related to that specific install of CMS. The backup system Host Presto provides backs up your files, emails and MySQL databases, which gives you great peace of mind.

Customer Service

You might think having great customer service isn’t important when purchasing a domain name or website hosting, as it’s understandable to think you will never need to speak with anyone. However, it is almost certain that you will need to speak with your hosting provider, as all hosting providers work differently, and it is extremely unlikely that you would never need to ask a question, or get some support with a problem you may have.

Luckily, Host Presto provides fantastic customer service, and should you have any questions you just need to raise a ticket from your control panel. Host Presto are extremely quick at responding to any question you have, and this service is the same whether it’s a working day or a weekend. They are also really helpful, and understand not everyone is experts on how web hosting works, so they will guide you depending on your experience.


The prices for the hosting packages that are offered by Host Presto are excellent value for money. Unlike many hosting providers that quote a cost per month, and then charge annually as a minimum; Host Presto do allow you to pay for your web hosting on a monthly basis. This shows they are extremely confident that you’ll be happy with the service they provide. If you were unhappy and you decided to pay monthly, you could simply decide to leave them after a month without having to worry that you paid for hosting for a whole year. This is an excellent option, which very few hosting providers offer.

The only thing you need to realise is Host Presto offers excellent pricing the longer you sign up with them for. So although it’s great that you can pay on a monthly basis, you should really consider whether it would be best to sign up for longer.

For example, if you take a look at their starter package at £3.50 per month which includes VAT. If you decide to pay for this upfront for a year the cost would only be £24.00 including VAT. That means the cost spread over 12 months is £2.00 per month, which is a saving of £1.50 each month compared to paying monthly at £3.50.


Host Presto is definitely one of the best web hosting and domain registration providers available in the UK. This is because they offer excellent value for money, and their data centre offers the very best in cloud hosting technology. When you add this to the excellent customer service they provide, and the confidence of accepting monthly payments for their hosting plans; shows Host Presto themselves are extremely confident that you’ll be happy with the service they offer their customers.

I would recommend Host Presto to anyone who wants to start a website and is looking to have their website hosted in the UK.

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